As a child I had a special tree – a huge walnut tree, which kept me out of trouble. No one could reach me when I climbed up it and flew in its crown. I saw the world from above and felt very safe.

When I ask people: „Do you have a favorite tree?“ or „Do you have a special tree-story?“ mostly I get a very positive answer.

Humans love trees for many different reasons, some for their beauty, others for their shade on a hot day, yet others for their mystic swoosh or power.

All answers have one thing in common: People start to dream when they look at trees. Sitting under a tree on a summer day or just listening to a tree breathe can transport you to another world.

If YOU have a story, your own little dream about a tree, write it down and send it to me: email address

I will collect your story and I will try to visit you and make a photograph.

These different stories and photographs will then be printed as a high-quality illustrated book to raise appreciation for trees.

Be a part of our dream!


joseph morrissey's dream about trees