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The content of this website has been vetted with care, however we can take no responsibility that all its information is correct or exact. We therefore accept no liability for circumstances arising directly or indirectly through use of this website, except where harmful intent or gross negligence are demonstrable.

As a service provider our liability is in general limited to our own content, and does not extend to third-party content which we have duplicated by permission or displayed via data transfer technology (e.g. RSS-Feed). We are not required to monitor such content or vet it or its origin for illegalities. We are however required to delete or block it if a third party demonstrates any illegality, and in such case will do so as quickly as possible.

links to other websites

This website contains links to third-party websites, over whose content we have no influence. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. At the time we created the link we did check the target website and found nothing illegal; however, a subsequent regular vetting of all linked websites on our part is not economically reasonable. If any illegality on a linked website is demonstrated to us, we will remove that link as quickly as possible.


All text and pictures on this website are either (a) our own original work, or (b) were created in our commission for our own copyright, or (c) we have secured the usage rights from the copyright holder, or (d) the material is expressly free for usage in such a context as this website. In cases (a) and (b) German copyright law applies and their use or publishing by others is forbidden without our express permission. In cases (c) and (d) any required copyright citations can be found either on the including page or at the bottom of this page. If we have overseen any copyright we will remove such material as soon as possible after the infringement is made known to us.

The mention of products or services other than our own is for informative purposes only, any product or brand names used are the property of their respective owners.

data privacy

The use of this website is in general possible without submission of personal information. Exceptions may be a contact form or a personal login account. Inasmuch as personal data is required (e.g. name, address, email), as many items as possible will be optional. Such data will not be passed on to any third party without your express permission.

Please note that the transmission of data over the internet can and does contain security loopholes, and therefore a complete protection of your personal data from third parties is not possible.

We do not permit the use of our own contact data, as required by German law in the disclaimer, by third parties to send us unsolicited advertising and information material. Please be advised that we take such misuse, e.g. sending of Spam-Mails, very seriously and may take legal action against such actions.

activity protocols

The requests to our HTTP-Server, which publishes our website to the Internet, are logged, as is usual practice: browser-type and -version, operating system, Referrer URL (the previously visited page), the page requested, IP-address (and possibly hostname) of the requesting computer, and time of the request. These protocols contain no personal data of the visitors, nor can they be linked to a particular person; their utilisation is for internal statistical purposes only. We make no attempt to correlate the log entries with other data sources. After a certain time the logs are deleted (without being archived), since no longer relevant.


Cookies are small text files, in which browsers store data as requested by the website visited, and pass back with every request from the website. They allow the web page to be personalised according to preferences of the user (e.g. text size). Cookies are also used to transport login information from one call to the next. Browsers only return cookie data to the website which set the cookies. This website sets only browser cookies ("Session cookies") which should be deleted by the browser when it is closed. Cookies cannot contain malware programms, since they do not contain executable code.

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