There are innumerable islands on earth, many of them still undiscovered or unexplored.

Everybody knows the big famous sunny islands like Hawaii, the Bermudas or Bora-Bora – but what about the smaller islands such as Puerto Rico (in the caribbean Greater Antilles), or the small islands of the Grenadines and the thousands of other tiny islands on our planet? These are real treasures, scattered around by nature like pearls on the ocean floor.

Even a lifetime is not enough to see and to explore them all! Therefore MUST HAVE SEEN ISLANDS will choose those islands which are special – not just in a tourist sense. Let´s start our sightseeing tour in PUERTO RICO, which I have visited many times.

The photographs I take here will then be printed as a high-quality illustrated book to give you the possibility to fall in love with this amazing island and maybe visit it one day.

A photobook project looking behind the scenes takes time and money, but hopefully impressions and pictures from other unique islands will be following soon.

Come with me treasure hunting and find your own pearl!


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